The asynchronous run-time for the Rust programming language.

Tokio is an open source library providing an asynchronous, event driven platform for building fast, reliable, and lightweight network applications. It leverages Rust's ownership and concurrency model to ensure thread safety.


Building on top of Rust, Tokio provides blazingly fast performance, making it an ideal choice for high performance server applications.

Zero-cost abstractions
Tokio's run-time model adds no overhead compared to an equivalent system written entirely by hand.

Applications built with Tokio are concurrent out of the box. Tokio provides a multithreaded, work-stealing, task scheduler tuned for async networking work loads.

Non-blocking I/O
Tokio is backed by the non-blocking, evented, I/O stack provided by the operating system.

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While Tokio cannot prevent all bugs, it is designed to minimize them. Tokio brings peace of mind when shipping mission critical applications.

Ownership and type system
Tokio leverages Rust's type system to provide APIs that are hard to misuse.

Backpressure is handled out of the box without having to use any complicated APIs.

Rust's ownership model allows Tokio to automatically detect when a computation is no longer needed. Tokio will automatically cancel it without the user having to call a cancel function.

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Tokio scales well without adding overhead to the application, allowing it to thrive in resource constrained environments.

No garbage collector
Because Tokio uses Rust, no garbage collector or other language run-time is included.

Tokio is built as a collection of small components. The user can pick and choose the parts that work best for the application at hand without paying the cost for features not being used.

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